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Unlock the Power of Partnership

TDN delivers your message in-context to the right audience at the right time.

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Who’s Watching

TDN is home to highly engaged and educated design enthusiasts, dreamers, DIYers and more ... anyone with a curiosity for how people live and the surroundings they call home.

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Custom Built Campaigns

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Branded Integration

We work hand-in-hand with brands to organically integrate brand messaging and storytelling inside of our shows in a way that goes well beyond product placement and delivers results at efficient investment levels.

Original Series

Build a custom series with us from scratch. We will deep dive on your brand, taking your initiatives, priorities, and dream spokespeople and influencers to craft an all new show on The Design Network.

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Amplify in-show integration with a custom CTV media plan that unlocks the top video and display ad placements in the CTV ecosystem.

Includes: Custom Media Plan + Creative & Concepting for Assets

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