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The hottest new material in home decor is no stranger to the spotlight. From Ancient Roman times to the present, concrete has been revered for use in construction, architecture, and design. The Pantheon, built in 126 AD, is the world's largest concrete dome. Our new Constantine collection makes concrete even more modern. Made from smooth layers of concrete over a honeycomb core, Polystone offers the strength, character and depth of traditional concrete at an effortless weight. These pieces retain an industrial appeal while adding a sophisticated, urban edge to any space. For use indoors or out, they offer unparalleled utility and style.

Wendy Woloshchuk

Details Full Service Interiors

Monson, MA


Sofia Sakare

Algorithm Interiors

Newmarket, Ontario


Shandra Ward

Signature Designs



Sandra Funk

House of Funk

Montclair, NJ


Featured Series

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Ask a Designer

You’ve got questions, they’ve got answers. Ask a Designer gets candid with some of the biggest names in interior design and no topic is off limits. Watch as industry vets like Jason Oliver Nixon, Rebecca Robeson, Kelli Ellis, Keith Baltimore, Barrie Livingstone and Shayla Copas debunk common misconceptions, get real about budget, reveal their wildest-dream projects, and share crazy client requests that you’ll have to hear to believe.

Featured Episodes

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Style Profile

Ask a Designer, S1:E1 - 6:16 min

Interior designers spend their days turning their clients’ houses into dream homes. But what happens when a designer is left to his own devices without a client to guide the process? Ask a Designer...

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Boho Bed Runner

Paint Anything, S1:E2 - 8:36 min

Chalk Paint master Annie Sloan makes a new friend when her guest, Comfort, appears at the Paint Anything studio with a piece of plain raw silk. She intends to use it as a runner for her vintage bed...

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A Little Country, A Little Rock...

Dressing Rooms, S1:E2 - 7:23 min

When Carson and Gina meet Alyson, a singer-songwriter who spends most of her days on tour, they peg her as an old soul in need of a space that reflects her taste in music. They set out to make Alys...

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Fact or Fiction?

Ask a Designer, S1:E2 - 5:21 min

Is hiring a designer really only something the wealthy can afford? How do designers know what their clients want? Can designers work around things their clients already own? In the second episode o...

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