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Our sets of linen books will provide you with opportunities to create both colorful and neutral accents in your room. Within the set of six, the sizes will vary but the appeal never will.

Will Nevill ever get his work done? Of course, but he'll do it in his own inimitable style. This desk chair offers comfort, practicality and looks, with luxurious navy leather wrapped over meandering curves accented by brass nailheads. The five-pronged metal base offers stability, height adjustment adds modern practicality, and casters make it easy to move.

The top of this spectacular sideboard is fashioned from a 100 year old reclaimed elm door. The base is reclaimed pine from old beams and wall boards. A fashion statement for any home.

Each of the materials in our King George Lounge Chair are carefully selected so that they combine to give you a pleasing and neutral look. Blue linen, oak, and burlap. Deconstruction at its best. Comfortable.

Boudoir Chair


Dainty and just right. Subtle tone fabric and its very own kidney pillow.

$1,079 $699

Seating for two or three, our long stool will serve you well where ever you place it. Imagine it as a cocktail table.

Two of these, please. Two doors to go with the curved legs. White cedar wood from Indonesia is a straight grained lumber which is extremely workable and thus favored by artisans, cabinet- makers and woodworkers. This naturally coarse wood sands smoothly, tolerates friction, saws easily, and dries ef

Our Sky Blue sideboard is impressive in so many ways. It has six raised panel doors and a solid base. The top is natural pine. The whole of it"s 119 inches could exist in a room painted yellow with perfect contentment, yours, that is.

This French chest appears to have drawers but instead we gave it two doors and a removable shelf. The interior is painted a soft white. It is a beautiful piece.

Getting the work done will be a piece of cake as this farmhouse cabinet gives you a wonderful marble top work surface as well as a pull out wooden shelf. There is storage behind two doors of unequal size. Antiqued grey exterior finish and a warm red interior.

Cultivating the mood of a well-read household, beautifully crafted faux books provide the rich colors and the gilt leather spines of a treasured collection of antique bookx. Carefully made to deceive the eye, these facades of hand-tooled leather feature spines of various sizes.

Zebra Box


Open the lid of thie exquisite box and let your secrets out one at the time. Two bands of stainless steel rim the lid and the base. This is the perfect size to place on a console or cocktail table.

This dining table is so nicely proportioned. It"s made of the durable and appealing mango wood. The base is two detailed columns in a trestle style that you will enjoy. Set the table - company"s coming!

For your country kitchen or your home office, this table is perfect. Set it for a casual meal or spread your work out. You will be glad that it"s yours. Nice metal legs and warm wood tone top are a great combination.

Using arches as a support has long been recognized for strength and now you can see it is beautiful as well. Tufted leather seat. Carved detail on the base.

The Sedona finish couldn"t happen to a nicer table. The handcarved base offers very nice curves and banding. It has a bench to match.

Again we establish alternative seating at our dining tables by designing a bench that has details matching the table. The banded curves of the legs are a prominent feature.

Our imaginations can place this leather settee within the looks we choose: Italian or ranch, lodge or club room. It is handsome and rugged.

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