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Products from Currey & Company

Currey & Company
Alvar Accent Table

Currey & Company

A natty variation on the drum table, the organic cut outs in a myriad of shapes give the Alvar Accent table a sophisticated twist. Finished in a soft Antique Gold, it's the juxtaposition of substantial yet light.

Lilou Table Lamp in Green

Currey & Company

Ginger jar lamps have been an elegant decorative accessory for many years. This model in deep emerald green comes with a contrasting Eggshell Shantung shade.

Rhyme Table Lamp in Red

Currey & Company

A bold statement in vibrant Rave Red, this sleek stunner allows for an unexpected opportunity to ignite a room. The dark gray speckle detail adds visual texture and complements the Antique Brushed Brass fittings.

Maxstoke Floor Lamp

Currey & Company

Architectural and polished, this adjustable floor lamp is so appealing it is just as brilliant in an office as a living room. Antique Brass finish and a Beige Shantung shade complement the delicate framework of this piece.

Bastian Chandelier

Currey & Company

A nod to the current mid-century craze, the Bastian chandelier incorporates the favored wood and brass pairing for a winning introduction. Strong geometric lines in rich Chestnut wood capped with the worn brass make for a current hit that could pass for b

Pagoda Hexagonal Stool

Currey & Company

The Pagoda Hexagonal Stool is simple yet distinctive. Its steel frame is covered in gray concrete and wire-combed to achieve a naturally textured finish.

Ingenue Chandelier

Currey & Company

Dazzling strands of beaded crystal line a wrought iron frame, swirling about the column of the lavish Ingnue Chandelier. Below, shapely crystal drops and swags complete the classic empire style. The Antique Gold Leaf finish brings out the sparkle in this

Aerial Chandelier

Currey & Company

A modern geometric form and an innovative use of materials make the Aerial Chandelier an unforgettable showstopper. A series of angular cubes offer a whimsical element and give life to the wrought iron framework. A stunning Antique Gold Leaf finish gives

Florence Chandelier

Currey & Company

Finished to have transparency and the intermittent patterns of mercury glass, the Florence Chandelier is a beautiful combination of metal work and mirror.

Oleander Chandelier

Currey & Company

Individually-formed leaves of Rustic Gold make up the Oleander Ceiling Mount. Four lights above the leaves shine down and create a glowing effect.

Nottaway Chandelier

Currey & Company

The minimalist style is perfectly represented in the Nottaway Chandelier. Sleek, curved lines of wrought iron finished in Pyrite Bronze showcase the six bulbs and large-scale size of this piece.

Dandelion Chandelier

Currey & Company

$2,779 $2,129

True to its name, the Dandelion Chandelier explodes in a burst of nature-inspired industrial style. Nineteen Mol Black wrought iron spokes splay outward from a central sphere to culminate in exposed bulbs. The minimalist approach to this design results i

Bowline Chandelier

Currey & Company

This nautically inspired beauty features a Rust-finished wrought iron frame with Natural rope accents. A simple silhouette lends to the appeal and charm of the Bowline.

Percy Chandelier

Currey & Company

$1,349 $1,039

Inspired by the geodesic domes popularized in the 50s and 60s, the Percy Chandelier is a superb architectural design. Slender metal rods meet at orb accents in this minimalist piece. An Antique Brass finish adds a polished luster.

Anywhere Pendant

Currey & Company

Modest bell-shaped lines and handsome Natural wood accents shed light on the origin of the Anywhere Pendant's name. This tasteful piece, beautifully constructed with a glass shade and flawless proportions, provides the perfect neutral accent.

Snowdrop Table Lamp

Currey & Company

A lovely marriage of modern design with the timeless influences of the outside world, Natural sandstone is effortlessly showcased by impeccable construction in the Snowdrop Table Lamp. Like a windswept snow drift, finely carved ridges adorn the cylindrica

Devonside Table Lamp

Currey & Company

Color, material, and form come together in fantastic geometric harmony-- It's plain to see why the streamlined Devonside Table Lamp is one of our bestselling lighting fixtures. A curving windowpane quatrefoil of Coffee Brass forms the architectural body,

Rectangular Rene Mirror

Currey & Company

The Ren Mirror, Rectangular is a handsome and moody design, illustrating a lavish simplicity with its rich finish and polished mirror. An understated frame is finished in Pyrite Bronze while a dramatic Antique Mirror is the centerpiece.

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