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Home Enthusiast

I love looking at pictures of beautiful rooms for ideas and inspiration for my own home.


Professional Designer

I am a professional interior designer or decorator by trade.


Series Description

Barbara Viteri sits down for straight talk with the design industry's most notable and must-get-to-know designers. Each episode features a project of the designer's choice for a detailed discussion, Designerlebrity A's to the viewer's Q's, and what Barbara calls a "Hashtag Alert." Plus, there will be surprises and prizes for which her guests can't prepare ...


Barbara Viteri

Barbara Viteri


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A Bachelor Pad Fit for Christian...

Designerlebrity Talk, S1:E1 - 9:26 min

Barbara Viteri starts the season with hot talk with Designerlebrity™ Keith Baltimore. Keith designed the ultimate NYC bachelor pad for a client with a quirky taste for poison bottles, luxurious mat...

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The Aftershow: A Bachelor Pad Fi...

Designerlebrity Talk, S1:E1 - 1:39 min

Join Barbara Viteri for an aftershow chat about her episode "A Bachelor Pad Fit for Christian Grey" featuring Keith Baltimore.

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Designing After a Divorce

Designerlebrity Talk, S1:E2 - 10:19 min

Barbara chats with Designerlebrity™ Jennifer Flanders. Jennifer gets candid about getting her first break on reality TV and designing her home after a divorce. Plus how well do you think you could ...

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The Aftershow: Designing After a...

Designerlebrity Talk, S1:E2 - 2:59 min

Join Barbara Viteri for an aftershow chat about her episode "Designing After a Divorce" featuring Jennifer Flanders.

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All Custom All the Time

Designerlebrity Talk, S1:E3 - 9:38 min

Barbara talks with Designerlebrity™ Michel Boyd about the importance of hiring a professional interior designer, the outcome when clients let designers do what they do best, and how it ends up in t...

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The Aftershow: All Custom All th...

Designerlebrity Talk, S1:E3 - 2:04 min

Join Barbara Viteri for an aftershow chat about her episode "All Custom All the Time" featuring Michele Boyd.

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Things Interior Designers Say

Designerlebrity Talk, S1:E4 - 10:08 min

Ending the season with a bang, Barbara hosts Designerlebrity™ Amanda Nisbet. Amanda takes project talk to a new level, sharing colorful designs with eye-catching art and advice for a viewer’s desig...

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The Aftershow: Things Interior D...

Designerlebrity Talk, S1:E4 - 2:50 min

Join Barbara Viteri for an aftershow chat about her episode "Things Interior Designers Say" featuring Amanda Nisbet.

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