Season 1, Episode 2

The Heart of Home



Gracious Living starts the minute you walk through your door. Interior designer Anne-Marie Barton shares simple ideas to create an atmosphere of welcoming and warmth in your home. From putting out accessible appetizers, drinks and snacks that look (and taste) good, to adding special touches to your kitchen and dining room, Anne-Marie takes you back to the classic lifestyle in which we take the time to offer the comforts of home to our friends and family and create a spirit of giving.

Gracious Living

About the Series

Gracious Living is not only about making other people feel good, it's about how you feel in your own home. Follow interior designer Anne-Marie Barton as she shares her favorite ideas for turning your home into an environment that defines who you really are, inspires you, and elevates the way you live. More

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Raising Your Bar

Gracious Living, S1:E3 - 6:02 min

It's time to raise your own bar! By adding a surprise for the eye in every spot in your home including the small ones… Anne-Marie Barton proves that no area of the home should be without attent...

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Gracious Living

Gracious Living, S1:E1 - 5:55 min

Resolve to start the new year in style with interior designer Anne-Marie Barton and 'Gracious Living' - turning your home into a space that defines who you really are and inspires the way you live!...

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