Breegan Jane

Breegan Jane • Marina Del Rey, CA

About Breegan

Breegan Jane is an innovative interior designer and entrepreneur from Southern California. Creating sophisticated charm within a breathable space is her signature touch, and it permeates every aspect of her design projects. She brings an energy of elegance into her design spaces that personifies refined relaxation. Her style is classic and timeless, reflecting an aesthetic that highlights crisp, clean lines and a meticulous approach to texture, color and comfort. Breegan’s methods for maximizing natural light complement the architectural contour of a room and amplify its existing beauty. Unafraid to take risks and transcend trends, Breegan takes each project as a challenge and opportunity to grow artistically. From furniture and fixtures to features and function, Breegan makes it her mission to create spaces that are elevated and definitive, yet inviting and embracing. She continues to expand her design horizons by creating her own product lines, redesigning residential and com

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