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TDN Trade Direct FAQ

Am I qualified to be a member of the TDN Trade Direct Program?
Because of our premise of offering our community the best products and design ideas, TDN only aligns with experienced, active design professionals. The benefits are special trade direct pricing from the best brands with TDN logistical support, exposure for your design services and commissions. If you are an active, experienced designer with credentials, apply here.
How do comissions work on TDN?
When consumers add products to their shopping carts from your profile and purchase those products, you earn commission which is calculated at the end of each month after those products are delivered and paid for in full. We pay you via ACH transfer within 2 weeks after the end of the month. Commissions are 5% of the selling price of the item. You will be notified of consumer sales from your profile and will be able to track them on our website. TDN Trade Direct purchases that may have originated from your profile do not qualify for commissions. For visits to our showrooms and design center in High Point, NC, you may want your customer to purchase the items directly from our sister company, Furnitureland South. As long as you accompany your client and notify your Design Consultant, you will earn commissions on these orders as well.
How are products selected for TDN Shopping?
TDN Shopping is all about curation. Our mission is to serve up the best quality home furnishings at the best prices and make it an easy experience for consumers to find what they're looking for and to be able to receive these items within reasonable timeframes. We are uniquely positioned to do this because our sister company, Furnitureland South, is the world's largest furniture store in the furniture capital of the world, High Point, NC. Our TDN merchandising team utilizes data and works with our vendors to select best sellers and unique items that we can rely on and that exude quality and great design. We cut through the clutter to bring our community the best. We also rely on the independent design community who are vested with us to endorse our products and suggest new ones.
How can I recommend products that I'd love to see on TDN Shopping?
Once you are approved as a member of TDN Trade Direct, you will have an easy method through your management portal of recommending new brands or products from existing TDN vendors that are perhaps not shown on the platform.
How are TDN Products Delivered?
For consumer purchases of furniture items, we offer white glove delivery service through our sister company, Furnitureland South. If you are purchasing directly through the TDN Trade Direct program, you can elect to have furniture items delivered via our white glove delivery service, or you can elect to have the items drop shipped to your warehouse by a common carrier. This option will be quoted once the items are received and ready to ship. Smaller accessory items that are able to ship via UPS or FedEX are identified on TDN and shipped to the location of your choice, bypassing our distribution center.
How does pricing work for TDN Trade Direct?
Pricing for approved design professionals through TDN Trade Direct is our dealer net cost plus a consistent minimum markup which equates to anywhere from approximately 20% to 40% less than consumer pricing, depending upon the manufacturer’s internet pricing policies. Manufacturers’ minimum pricing policies typically do not apply for the trade. Once you’re approved and logged in, you will see your TDN Trade Direct pricing. The same pricing structure will apply to any custom orders of products offered by the hundreds of brands we represent that may not appear on our site. Your personal Design Consultant will price these items for you.
How do I inquire about additional customization options or other products offered by the manufacturers featured on TDN?
The products that we offer on The Design Network are a curated set of products that meet certain criteria for styling, value, delivery time and performance at retail. However, we have access to entire product lines from hundreds of the best brands in the industry. See the brands. We will assign a Design Consultant to you to assist with providing quotes for any products from the brands we represent. Your personal Design Consultant will also help you search for products and can make recommendations for you. Their knowledge and experience will come in handy.
Why should I purchase through TDN Trade Direct vs. purchasing directly from manufacturers?
As an independent interior designer, establishing accounts directly with manufacturers is a huge challenge and pitfall. You’re often not buying at their dealer net pricing; you’re often limited in your selection to just a few brands that you can create and maintain relationships with; many brands have minimum purchase requirements; it’s difficult to maintain fabric, trims and finish samples; and then of course the biggest challenge is logistics, delivery and service. After you purchase items directly from multiple vendors, you have unknown shipping costs, warehousing costs, billing and accounting management, responsibility for tracking products from multiple sources, and if you’ve made an ordering error or there is damage or defect, the challenges multiply. We are leveraging the logistics and experience of the finest furniture retail system in the world that streamlines and handles all of these issues for you seamlessly and at the end of the day, your net costs will be lower; you’ll eliminate risk; and you will have more time to design. You will also have the opportunity to make a reasonable margin on these products and still offer a significant value to your client.
Do you have a showroom?
Our sister company, Furnitureland South in High Point, NC is the largest furniture store in the world in the furniture capital of the world. You can leverage the beautiful showrooms and the finest design center in the industry with all of the up-to-date catalogs, fabric and finishes and you will receive special exclusive treatment with access to private work rooms and concierge service. Bring your client and they can purchase directly from Furnitureland South and you will earn a commission; or you can purchase the items through TDN Trade Direct at your special pricing. We have listened to the interior design community and have built this entire new business around your needs, leveraging the resources and refined systems that we’ve built for the past 50 years.