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Living Room Furniture from Sarreid

Living Room Sarreid

Featuring a top of reclaimed teak planks, the hand planed top of this table contrasts nicely with the curves of the wrought iron base. This lamp table offers all of the casual style of the Colorado retreat which inspired it"s design.

Ranch Bench


This Ranch Bench is just the size that lets you know that if someone says "slide over partner", you"ll know there"s room.

Each of the materials in our King George Lounge Chair are carefully selected so that they combine to give you a pleasing and neutral look. Blue linen, oak, and burlap. Deconstruction at its best. Comfortable.

Baker Arm Chair


Part of our Club Room Collection, the Baker chair offers comfort, styling and a medium warm tone leather.

Seating for two or three, our long stool will serve you well where ever you place it. Imagine it as a cocktail table.

Tufted, top-grain leather and generous, traditional styling are invitations to spend time and gather memories. The cover is Vintage Cigar, which says it all. This Chesterfield sofa is part of our Club Room Collection of traditional leather and upholstered seating.

Talmont Chair


This is an irresistable chair frame and the deconstruction details as well as the beautiful tufting on the inside back are such wonderful features. Grey linen and burlap fabric. Castered front legs.

As an option for the perfect coffee table, we offer this 36 inch embossed leather piece that also sports gold leather trim. The feet are almost invisible but the appeal or our Midnight Coffee Talbe is in plain sight.

Game"s on! You will need several of these when your friends come over to watch your team beat theirs. Feet up or seats down.

Breda Chair


All you have to do is sit down in this comfortable chair and you will finalize your decision about which chair goes in the library or which chair looks best with the new dining table. Rich brown leather and aged metal frame are perfect together.

Princess Chair


Ah Yes! Occasional Upholstered Chairs The nail head trim runs its course along the simple lines of this lovely chair. Rich velvet is a texture you"ll love. It"s color combined with the wood finish is beautiful.

Deitzel Chair


All dressed up in angles and plenty of places to go - the dining room, a lobby, the conference room, a waiting room. Great looking metal frame and top grain leather.

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