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Living Room Furniture from Sarreid

Living Room Sarreid

Each of the materials in our King George Lounge Chair are carefully selected so that they combine to give you a pleasing and neutral look. Blue linen, oak, and burlap. Deconstruction at its best. Comfortable.

Boudoir Chair


Dainty and just right. Subtle tone fabric and its very own kidney pillow.

$1,079 $699

Seating for two or three, our long stool will serve you well where ever you place it. Imagine it as a cocktail table.

Using arches as a support has long been recognized for strength and now you can see it is beautiful as well. Tufted leather seat. Carved detail on the base.

A soft gray blue painted rub through finish presents this table which is practical in height and just plain irresistible in looks. The single drawer has a leather tag pull.

Stack you books here if you are in the library. In the kitchen you can stack the serving pieces. Either place, the drawer storage and the shelves will provide all the practicality you need and the wonderful painted finish, the turned legs and the hardware will give you the look you want.

The warmth of the pine combined with stainless steel is successful here. Both the table top and the bottom shelf have an interesting edge detail. We like the shape of the stainless steel frame.

Talmont Chair


This is an irresistable chair frame and the deconstruction details as well as the beautiful tufting on the inside back are such wonderful features. Grey linen and burlap fabric. Castered front legs.

Plane and solid geometry combine to bring to interest and curiosity to the room. How many different shapes are there? 40" x 40" x 16".

As an option for the perfect coffee table, we offer this 36 inch embossed leather piece that also sports gold leather trim. The feet are almost invisible but the appeal or our Midnight Coffee Talbe is in plain sight.

A small and romantic piece, this version of the Chateau table will fit anywhere and has lots of pretty, curved elements.

This walnut side table will suit the look you want and will fit practically anywhere. It"s slender build and "just right" height make it perfect.

Here"s a slender console for that small space needing a slightly diminutive industrial look. Neutral gray tone.

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