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Home Decor from Sarreid

Home Decor Sarreid

Cultivating the mood of a well-read household, beautifully crafted faux books provide the rich colors and the gilt leather spines of a treasured collection of antique bookx. Carefully made to deceive the eye, these facades of hand-tooled leather feature spines of various sizes.



One of the largest of our blue and whites, this vase is defined by floral motifs and borders. It is a gracious 31" tall.

Floral and ribbon motifs take over as the design elements on this beautiful square urn. It is a gracious 15 inches tall and has a fitted square lid.

$289 $169

Completely bound with embossed leather like the 17th c spy glass case which inspired it, this wooden box has a hinged lid for easy access and is lined with parchment. This beautiful box could house the remote controls, bills needing to be paid or all manner of civilized clutter better hidden than se

Our sets of linen books will provide you with opportunities to create both colorful and neutral accents in your room. Within the set of six, the sizes will vary but the appeal never will.

This jar from our collection of blue and whites is distinctive in its shape, offering a square base and fitted lid. Interesting figure and animal motifs decorate the sides.

$799 $479

Consider this a decorative screen and use it in any space whether you have a fireplace or not. Or be risky and set it on your mantle as a nice accessory!

$339 $209

This leather tray is fraught with detail: the topstitching of each leather panel, the narrow leather straps that hold the stainless steel handles in place. Well-done!

Iron Lantern


$169 $109

Ceramic Vase


$479 $289

From a large group of whites comes this vase with a very contemporary look, thanks to its a round base and elongated neck.

$409 $249

A part of our blue and whites, this small ceramic displays landscape elements. The lid is beautifully done. 18 inches in height.

$489 $289

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