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Stools & Ottomans
Ranch Bench


This Ranch Bench is just the size that lets you know that if someone says "slide over partner", you"ll know there"s room.

Game"s on! You will need several of these when your friends come over to watch your team beat theirs. Feet up or seats down.

$339 $209

Our Mosambique Field Chair seems to draw you into adventure. It will go anywhere, do anything because it"s such a great size. Warm brown leather and black powder coating on the base.

Mathsson Stool


$869 $519

Tan and gray - sometimes a challenging mix - is done to perfection in this appealing stool. Nice leather and smart pewter finish to the iron base.

$869 $519

Tufted white linen is always a good choice. This bench is a very useful 48" x 18" and 24" in height. Perfect for a den or bedroom setting.

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