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Products from Worlds Away

Worlds Away

Greek keys grace the front drawer panels of the Werstler Dresser. All four drawers open on glides. This crisp modern chest comes finished in either navy or white lacquer.

The Wyeth Etagere makes a modern statement with its airy frame supporting a white lacquered cabinet. Two fixed tiers hold inset glass shelves. Two stylish pulls stand out against the case. Frame available in gold leaf or nickel plate.

Foley Table Lamp

Worlds Away

Clean lines and a clean finish defines the Foley Table Lamp. A lacquered rectangular body sits atop a brass base, and a white linen rectangular empire shade tops the fixture. Available in hunter-green or white lacquer.

The iron frame of the Zanzibar Mirror features a pointed arch, a common motif in North African and Middle-Eastern architecture, lending the mirror an exotic vibe. Available in gold or silver leaf.

Hairpin legs have made a comeback in recent trends, and the Neal Coffee Table exploits this rediscovered fascination. The hairpin base comes in gold or silver leaf, supporting either a variegated black or clean white marble top.

Four faux-bamboo legs hold up two tiers in the Serena Side Table. Two inset beveled clear glass tops serve as shelves for stowing or display. Available in gold leaf or nickel plate.

Bamboo details and scooped corners on the outside border of the Marian Mirror's open frame give this funky mirror its charm. Available in gold leaf or black, lime green or white lacquer.

Four overlapping iron rings form a spherical cage in the Pemble Chandelier. All four are cinched at the sphere's equator. The 12" size features the single sphere in gold or silver leaf, while the 18" configuration features a smaller sphere within the larger frame. Larger design also available in oxidized iron finish.

The simplicity of the Wilder Bookends also contain an intriguing juxtaposition. A hammered sphere rests against the sharp 90-degree angle formed by the clean metal end. Available in gold or silver leaf.

The abstract Lark Figure takes the familiar profile of the songbird and takes it to an impressionistic extreme. Sitting on a marble base, it's a fitting objet d'art for any space. Available in gold leaf on black marble or silver leaf on white marble.

Seven bands, ringed by an eighth and final hoop, form the Quincy Sphere. This objet d'art sits atop a white marble base and is finished in either gold or silver leaf.

Carmelita Mirror

Worlds Away

Scales and the rays of a starburst turn the regular oblong frame of the Carmelita Mirror into an opulent feast of eye candy. Antiqued mirror set within the gold or silver leaf of the frame makes it seem like a New World relic.

David Dining Chair

Worlds Away

The geometric fretwork cut from the back of the David Dining Chair make it a fabulous accompaniment to any modern dining room. Available in gold or silver leaf with either a beige or black velvet-upholstered seat.

The Acadia Kleenex Box takes a neo-Deco pattern and graces it in cream upon a classy tissue box in four different finishes: gold, gray, orange and yellow.

Kleenex Box Zebra

Worlds Away

The zig-zagged chevrons on the Zebra Kleenex Box do a good job of suggesting the familiar African pattern upon a cream background. Available with black, green, gold, hot pink, orange, turquoise or yellow pattern.

Oblong quadrilateral cutouts hang on vertical spokes to serve as a sort of shade for the Leona Pendant. The result is an elegant and airy design, both timeless and modern. Available in gold or silver leaf.

The utter simplicity of the Mark Desk makes it all the more versatile. X-braces and crossbars lend it character and depth, and an inset beveled glass top adds more glamour. Use it as a writing desk or even a console. Available in gold leaf or stainless steel.

The Tac Mirror takes the simple design of a circle inscribed withing a square and sophisticates it with a gold- or silver-leaf finished frame.

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