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Products from Worlds Away

Worlds Away

The Wyeth Etagere makes a modern statement with its airy frame supporting a white lacquered cabinet. Two fixed tiers hold inset glass shelves. Two stylish pulls stand out against the case. Frame available in gold leaf or nickel plate.

The iron frame of the Zanzibar Mirror features a pointed arch, a common motif in North African and Middle-Eastern architecture, lending the mirror an exotic vibe. Available in gold or silver leaf.

Four faux-bamboo legs hold up two tiers in the Serena Side Table. Two inset beveled clear glass tops serve as shelves for stowing or display. Available in gold leaf or nickel plate.

Four overlapping iron rings form a spherical cage in the Pemble Chandelier. All four are cinched at the sphere's equator. The 12" size features the single sphere in gold or silver leaf, while the 18" configuration features a smaller sphere within the larger frame. Larger design also available in oxidized iron finish.

A simple metal stem drops down off the square base before cornering twice to lead to the socket. It's so simple, but so elegant. The Beckham Sconce's single bulb is shaded in white linen. Available in gold leaf or nickel plate.

The abstract Lark Figure takes the familiar profile of the songbird and takes it to an impressionistic extreme. Sitting on a marble base, it's a fitting objet d'art for any space. Available in gold leaf on black marble or silver leaf on white marble.

Seven bands, ringed by an eighth and final hoop, form the Quincy Sphere. This objet d'art sits atop a white marble base and is finished in either gold or silver leaf.

Ansel Floor Lamp

Worlds Away

Metallic finishes glamorize a natural symbol of strength. The Ansel Floor Lamp's slender stem and four curved legs take on the pattern of bamboo, one of the sturdiest organic materials known. Topped with a white linen drum shade. Finished in gold or silver leaf.

Rectangular Box

Worlds Away

Worlds Away's Rectangular Box is what it is at first glance. It is a glass box with lightly weathered metal accents. It's simple without any flourish or ostentation. It's perfect for displaying your favorite collectibles. And its embrace of function before form makes it beautiful. Available with either clear or antiqued glass.

Daisy Mirror

Worlds Away

Floral patterns give the Daisy Mirror its name. Three different pedal patterns ring the central antiqued mirror, resembling the delicate beauty of a flower. Available in gold or champagne-silver leaf.

Simplicity informed by Deco motifs benefits the starburst design of the Josephine Mirror. The rays alternate between four lengths, producing a mesmerizing effect heightened by the antique-mirror center and the gold- or silver-leaf frame.

The Acadia Kleenex Box takes a neo-Deco pattern and graces it in cream upon a classy tissue box in four different finishes: gold, gray, orange and yellow.

The Pagoda Lamp draws obvious influence from one of the iconic architectural designs of East Asia: the tiered roof flares of the pagoda tower. Made of tole finished in antiqued cream, powder blue, hot pink, turquoise or white. Large size also available in white, turquoise, hot pink, orange or navy blue.

The Monaco Cigar Table embraces a sort of essential minimalism in its form, with just a stem standing on a horseshoe base supporting a circular top. But the gleaming finish and inset antiqued mirror add glamour to the otherwise functional design. Available in gold or silver leaf.

Metallic finish glamorizes a natural symbol of strength. The Stella Bench's slender legs take on the pattern of bamboo, one of the sturdiest organic materials known. Base available in gold leaf or nickel plate, paired with a navy velvet or white vinyl tufted seat.

With its floral pattern, you can see where the Dahlia Wastebasket got its name. The cream-colored box comes with the flower painted in gold, lavender, orange, hot pink, purple or turquoise.

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