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Products from Currey & Company

Currey & Company
Frogmore Lantern

Currey & Company

$2,609 $1,999

The cube form of the Frogmore Lantern features a nature-inspired design of entwining branches and leaves. Light from the four bulbs within the lantern shine through Bronze Clear glass encased in a Dutch Gold Leaf frame.

Lynworth Large Lantern

Currey & Company

$1,889 $1,449

The clean lines of the Lynworth Lantern's wrought iron frame are texturized with hand-applied gold finish. Its traditional lantern form is elevated with circle openings around four lights.

Vintner Chandelier

Currey & Company

$3,199 $2,449

The classic shape of the Vintner Chandelier is the last traditional thing about it. Individually-cut pieces of recycled win bottles in naturally-varying shades of green hang daintily and in perfect contrast to its Gold Leaf finish.

Hannari Pendant

Currey & Company

$1,559 $1,199

Part of the Hiroshi Koshitaka collection, the Hannari Pendant features a classic shape with unexpected accents. Its shade is spun metal in a Satin Black finish, and the piece features a Japanese-inspired gold ribbon accent. The Hiroshi Koshitaka Collect

Agave Americana Chandelier

Currey & Company

$7,189 $5,499

Inspired by the Century Plant of the American desert, the Agave Americana Chandelier is the newest piece in the Marjorie Skouras Collection for Currey & Company. The pieces branches are hand-forged metal tubes finished in Dark Contemporary Gold, while it

Zaire Lantern

Currey & Company

$1,299 $999

A rich finish of Satin Black covers the wrought iron frame of the Zaire Lantern. The slotted Raj Glass that makes up the body of the piece features distinctive textures, which illuminate from the three bulbs within.

Vintner Blanc Chandelier

Currey & Company

$3,199 $2,449

The frosted pieces of glass hung from the Vintner Blanc Chandelier are made of recycled bottles individually chosen for quality and clarity. The hand-applied Silver Leaf finish is a cool complement to the white hue of the glass.

Sommelier Blanc Chandelier

Currey & Company

$2,939 $2,249

Each layer of the Sommelier Blanc Chandelier is made of individually-cut pieces of frosted glass sourced from recycled bottles. Each piece is textured and unique in its own way and is enhanced by the frame's bright Silver Leaf finish.

Compeer Flush Mount

Currey & Company

$1,459 $1,119

A simple and refined piece, the Compeer Flush Mount features a crisp Milk Glass diffuser, whose four hooks and frame are finished in classic Brass.

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