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Products from Currey & Company

Currey & Company
Genesis Chandelier

Currey & Company

$3,299 $2,349

A single atom was the inspiration behind the Genesis Chandelier. The capricious wrought iron frame twists and bends taking a wildly beautiful form. Skillfully finished in Silver Granello, the Genesis Chandelier is dramatic and stunning.

Fitz James Lantern

Currey & Company

$1,269 $909

The Fitzjames Lantern is a perfect example of a simple form executed with the purity of a natural material - wrought iron. The hammered metal and hand-applied Silver Granello finish call attention to the importance and beauty of this fundamental material.

Broxton Orb Chandelier

Currey & Company

$2,709 $1,929

The aged seeded glass "windows" are an eye-catching element in the spherical wrought iron frame of the Broxton Orb Chandelier. With a Silver Leaf finish, this extraordinary design will cast a shining glow in a contemporary space. The Lillian August Collec

Metro Square Chandelier

Currey & Company

$1,369 $979

Clean geometric lines call attention to this very modern fixture. The Metro Square Chandelier features overlapping wrought iron frames, enhanced with a cool Antique Gold Leaf finish.

Bella Luna Large Chandelier

Currey & Company

$1,609 $1,149

Strikingly ethereal, the Bella Luna Chandelier makes a sublime statement in larger spaces. Its sleek elliptical form is enhanced by a Antique Gold Leaf finish, lending an airy feel to this celestial-inspired piece.

Tartufo Chandelier

Currey & Company

$1,579 $1,129

Hammered metal circles are attached to each other to form an orb while understated arms gracefully swoop upward to hold the four simple candles. The Antique Gold Leaf finish lends a warm glow to this unique design.

Beckmore Lantern

Currey & Company

$2,709 $1,929

The unique open design of the Beckmore Lantern merges the contemporary feel of geometric lines with seeded glass panels. The Silver Leaf frame of this compelling piece gives it a shining glow. The Lillian August Collection.

Profile Pendant

Currey & Company

$909 $649

The closed bell shape of the Profile Pendant features graceful curves of blown glass and is accentuated by a brass-finished frame and accents.

Gino Rectangular Chandelier

Currey & Company

$1,929 $1,379

Oozing modern Italian style, the Gino Rectangular Chandelier features three spun metal shades with a two bulbs one above and below. Light radiates over the piece's linear form, finished in black.

Farouche Pendant

Currey & Company

$8,789 $6,249

A traditional three-tiered chandelier is given an update through the use of hanging Rock Quartz crystals. A silver Mayfair finish completes this cool look.

Rattigan Chandelier

Currey & Company

$1,609 $1,149

The rounded frame of the Rattigan Chandelier bows outwards and in to create a quilted feeling. Its wrought iron stem frame is finished in custom Sicilian Gold Leaf.

Go-Go Pendant

Currey & Company

$2,459 $1,749

The Go-Go Pendant is made of wrought iron steel finished in Brass. The handcrafted form is fitted with slotted frosted glass, allowing light to shine through beautifully.

Parterre Pendant

Currey & Company

$1,929 $1,379

An Art Nouveau piece, the Parterre Pendant is cast in solid brass. Its branches and leaves drape over its single bulb with an Antique Brass finish.

Marjie Scope Chandelier

Currey & Company

$6,329 $4,499

The faceted glass discs that adorn the MarjieScope Chandelier's frame are its defining characteristic. The piece's 10 lights eminate from behind the glass and onto its brass finish. The Marjorie Skouras Collection.

Segreto Pendant

Currey & Company

$1,229 $879

A contemporary update on the classic bell shape, the Segreto Pendant is a distinctive piece made of Mercury glass and finished in Antique Silver.

Voodoo Pendant

Currey & Company

$979 $699

A form with a distinctly Asian influence, the Voodoo Pendant features a unique shape made of cast brass. The openings in the base of the piece let light shine through beautifully and are hand carved, making each one of a kind.

Digby Chandelier

Currey & Company

$4,429 $3,149

Beautifully curved arms slope down and then up to 16 candelabra lights. A Mol Black finish and ajoining wire accents create an elegant silouette.

$3,259 $2,319

The dainty white Pen shells of the small Seaforth Orb Chandelier elegantly adorn the wrought iron steel frame beneath. Finished in creamy Penshell White, this piece is the perfect size for a low-ceiling room.

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