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Meet Mia, a designer who travels city-to-city for her clients, upcycling antiques and special finds to redecorate amazing spaces. She will show you the business, the process, the aesthetic and the story behind Mia.Malcolm.

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Farmhouse-Chic Guest Suite

Upcycled, S2:E1 - 5:24 min

Designer Mia Malcolm finds herself in sunny Central Valley, CA, where her clients live among the beautiful, breezy almond groves. These empty nesters want a guest suite that complements the surroun...

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Fashion Forward Dining Nook

Upcycled, S2:E2 - 3:56 min

Mia Malcolm is designing a cozy dining nook that centers around a combination of upcycled pillows gathered from various rooms in the house. Her client prefers fun, feminine patterns and colors. Wit...

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Top-to-Bottom Living Room Redo

Upcycled, S2:E3 - 4:56 min

This living room project starts out as anything but typical. First, 10-year-old Finley is calling the shots. His top (and maybe only) priority? Comfort, comfort, comfort! Second, the family’s in-la...

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Turning House into Home

Upcycled, S2:E4 - 6:06 min

In this dining and living room renovation, we see a space that’s been 8 years in the making in San Bruno, CA. The renovation itself didn’t take nearly that long, but the homeowner, Allie, spent yea...

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Recently Renovated Victorian

Upcycled, S2:E5 - 4:17 min

Mia Malcolm describes her latest redesign project, a charming Victorian in a San Francisco suburb, as happy, young, traditional and chic. What makes the space so appealing is the balance between ma...

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