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I love looking at pictures of beautiful rooms for ideas and inspiration for my own home.


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I am a professional interior designer or decorator by trade. Learn More


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Hosting a dinner party? Planning a girls' luncheon? Sarah Glynn is here to help with DIY projects and decor staples that will transform your everyday dining table into an impressive tablescape. Sarah combines standard dining pieces with affordable, trendy finds, then layers in fabulous floral arrangements to create just the right setting for the occasion!

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Industrial-chic Bar

Tablescape It, S1:E1 - 3:35 min

Designer Sarah Glynn has a mission: to create an industrial-chic bar for lifestyle blogger Casie Stewart, who is celebrating the 10-year anniversary of her blog. Sarah finds inspiration in a rustic...

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Contemporary Coffee Table for Je...

Tablescape It, S1:E2 - 3:26 min

Sarah Glynn is back with another fabulous tablescape tutorial, this time with fashion/lifestyle blogger Jenelle S. of Nelle Creations. Sarah sets out to decorate a large, contemporary white coffee ...

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Parisian Bistro Brunch with the ...

Tablescape It, S1:E3 - 4:39 min

Candice Hutchings is known for her vegan-friendly blog, “The Edgy Veg,” and loves all things Paris. When interior designer Sarah Glynn suggests they throw a Parisian style party, Candice jumps at t...

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Stop & Smell the Roses!

Tablescape It, S1:E4 - 5:28 min

When fitness guru Eva Redpath decides to throw a dinner party for friends, she calls on interior designer Sarah Glynn to work her magic and turn the dining room table into a stunning showcase. Eva ...

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Victoria Simpson’s Haute Tea Party

Tablescape It, S1:E5 - 4:42 min

Fashion designer/lifestyle blogger Victoria Simpson loves all things pretty and luxurious. She and interior designer Sarah Glynn are planning a tea party that incorporates Victoria’s beautiful blue...

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