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Home Enthusiast

I love looking at pictures of beautiful rooms for ideas and inspiration for my own home.


Professional Designer

I am a professional interior designer or decorator by trade.


Series Description

Two teams of Furnitureland South designers are given an empty room and a seemingly impossible challenge: only one day to design, furnish and decorate their space. Which team will our celebrity judges choose to be the ultimate Space Off champions?


Furnitureland  South

Furnitureland South


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Bachelor on a Budget

Space Off, S1:E1 - 18:17 min

When a bachelor purchases a new urban loft, he needs to furnish the space for multiple purposes - living, working and entertaining - all on a tight budget. Can our designers make him feel at home?

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Empty Nest Makeover

Space Off, S1:E2 - 13:37 min

Now that their children have left home, a retired couple wants to turn their living room into a space that she feels is glamorous, but he still finds relaxing. Which team of Space Off designers can...

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The Anniversary Gift

Space Off, S1:E3 - 17:27 min

A husband is giving his wife the ultimate anniversary gift – a modern bedroom makeover. In his quest to bring romance back to the relationship, he also wants to lure the family dog out of their bed...

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Life's a Beach

Space Off, S1:E4 - 18:28 min

A young couple has just purchased a beach condo and wants to create the perfect vacation getaway. Their new space offers a comfortable setting for living and dining, but comes with a challenge: an ...

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Dinner Is Served

Space Off, S1:E5 - 16:22 min

A married couple has retired and now has time to do something that they love: entertain their many friends. They want a new dining room that allows for social gatherings, but where they can also sh...

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Something to Blog About

Space Off, S1:E6 - 16:18 min

A blogger who works from home wants a space where she can write and work with clients, but the only room she has available is bigger than she needs. Adjacent to her work space, she'd like to create...

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The Griers' Mancave Makeover

Space Off, S1:E7 - 14:44 min

Space Off hits the road for an all new Round 2 episode at the Grier house in Charlotte, North Carolina. Special guest clients and internet sensations Chad, Nila, Nash and Hayes Grier invite the Spa...

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Outtakes from "The Griers' Manca...

Space Off, S1:E8 - 1:26 min

What did they say? Check out the funny outtakes that you didn't get to see during the filming of "The Griers' Mancave Makeover."

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Small Things, Big Bedroom

Space Off, S1:E8 - 17:08 min

Round 2 of "Space Off" returns on location at the home of Kate Bryan of The Small Things Blog. A busy blogger, wife and mother expecting her second child, Kate could use a master bedroom upgrade, e...

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Basement Battle in the Holdernes...

Space Off, S1:E9 - 11:34 min

Space Off hits the road to visit Kim and Penn Holderness at their home in Raleigh, NC. With viral video hits like “Xmas Jammies,” the family’s production company has outgrown its space in the basem...

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When in Rome

Space Off, S1:E10 - 8:25 min

We aren’t going to Rome, exactly, but our design teams are indeed going international for this particular Space Off challenge. Two teams must create a room inspired by their favorite vacation city,...

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Musical Chairs

Space Off, S1:E11 - 8:47 min

As our Space Off teams approach the final round, the competition is heating up and the design challenges continue to get more and more interesting. In this episode, two teams in the semi-finals are...

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Sneak Peek: Fabulous Family Room...

Space Off, S1:E12 - 0:28 min

Watch the full episode NOW: The final round of the Space Off championship is one for the books! When the two remaining teams are challenged to design a family room for the one and only NeNe Leakes,...

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Fabulous Family Room for NeNe & ...

Space Off, S1:E12 - 16:32 min

The final round of the Space Off championship is one for the books! When the two remaining teams are challenged to design a family room for the one and only NeNe Leakes, the stakes skyrocket. NeNe ...

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