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I love looking at pictures of beautiful rooms for ideas and inspiration for my own home.


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When Catherine McCord, the brains behind the “Weelicious” blog, discovered that many of her friends didn’t know how to use a plunger or pot a simple houseplant, she was shocked. She didn’t tell them to call a plumber or gardener. Instead she jumped in front of the camera to create Modern Home EC and teach women the basics of DIY home improvement. Catherine’s easygoing approach to home projects will inspire the confidence you need to take matters into your own hands as these issues arise.


Catherine McCord

Catherine McCord


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DIY Bathroom Repair

Modern Home Ec, S1:E1 - 6:49 min

Host Catherine McCord has a commode that runs constantly, which leaves her feeling like she’s tossing money down the drain, not to mention wasting water. She calls on a contractor buddy to teach he...

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DIY Wall Repair

Modern Home Ec, S1:E2 - 6:26 min

Catherine McCord has a few “uh-oh” spots on her wall from previous attempts at hanging artwork. Instead of hiring someone to patch the holes, Catherine asks her contractor friend Jeff to show her t...

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DIY Air Filter Swap

Modern Home Ec, S1:E3 - 4:35 min

Here we find Catherine McCord at home, wondering why the heat in her house never feels warm enough, and the a/c never feels cool enough. The air circulation throughout the house just feels “off.” A...

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DIY LED Lighting

Modern Home Ec, S1:E4 - 3:10 min

Who knew changing a lightbulb was so challenging? Actually, it’s not. It’s finding the right bulb that’s the hard part. Catherine McCord invites us into her kitchen, where she films and photographs...

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DIY Stubborn Stain Removal

Modern Home Ec, S1:E5 - 4:13 min

Busted! Catherine McCord recently caught her young son writing his name on the wall in crayon, but now . . . what’s the best way to remove it? She invites her friend Jeff, a skilled contractor with...

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