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I love looking at pictures of beautiful rooms for ideas and inspiration for my own home.


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I am a professional interior designer or decorator by trade. Learn More


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Come along with singer/songwriter and American Idol Alum Brooke White and model/fashion expert Summer Bellessa, as they stylishly decorate for your favorite holidays. Brooke brings a bohemian and chic look to her space, while Summer incorporates vintage and modern touches. Together, The Girls With Glasses bring you fresh ideas, smart tips and hip decorating tricks. This charming and quirky show will help you turn your home into something to celebrate.


The Girls with Glasses

The Girls with Glasses


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Back-to-School Decorating

Holiday Decorating, S1:E1 - 4:20 min

Brooke and Summer, of the Girls with Glasses Show, share tips and tricks to help you adorn your house with darling back-to-school charm. From alphabet pillows to inspiring quotes, they've got you c...

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Halloween Decorating

Holiday Decorating, S1:E2 - 3:15 min

Brooke and Summer, of The Girls With Glasses, share their decor tricks and style treats, to help turn your home into a Halloween glam fest.

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A Bohemian Thanksgiving

Holiday Decorating, S1:E3 - 6:00 min

The Girls With Glasses share simple and modern tips on how to make your Thanksgiving decor fresh and stylish. From feather art, to golden pumpkins, your yummy mashed potatoes won't be the only thin...

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A Classic Christmas

Holiday Decorating, S1:E4 - 7:44 min

Merry Christmas from The Girls With Glasses! Brooke and Summer share unexpected ideas for decorating your home in a classically Christmas way. So round up your wreaths, get ready to hang your Chris...

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