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Interior designer Anne-Marie Barton transforms a 30-year old home overlooking the ocean in the charm-filled town of Mendocino, California. Inspired by local artisans, the town’s bohemian spirit and a feel for vacation living, Anne-Marie brings the essence of the outside indoors to create a modern, organic beach house. In Anne-Marie’s words, “You can not simply fill homes with props that serve as place holders, you have to create spaces that absorb what you see around you, what exists out of doors."

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Beautiful Bones

Bringing the Outside In, S1:E1 - 6:27 min

Anne-Marie Barton introduces her Mendocino project, set in a hidden storybook town atop hills of grandeur and sweeping views. Inspired by the area's bohemian spirit, Anne-Marie incorporates the tal...

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Living Outside the Box

Bringing the Outside In, S1:E2 - 10:05 min

Anne-Marie says that her Mendocino client loves the unique; in fact, he defines it. Her answer? Livable, elegant spaces that incorporate a feeling of the unexpected. Starting in the combined great ...

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Design in the Details

Bringing the Outside In, S1:E3 - 8:29 min

Anne-Marie likes to think that the smallest details have meaning, especially when you’re collaborating with a client, a builder, an architect, and even with the land itself. Take a walk through the...

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Creating "Home"

Bringing the Outside In, S1:E4 - 9:12 min

This Mendocino home nestled between the ocean and the redwood trees is the perfect getaway, not only for Anne-Marie’s clients, but also for their guests. Take a tour of the guest house, a combinati...

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