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Fearless DIY — S2:E5

A-Frame Ladder Shelves



Mandi Gubler has a DIY solution for everything. Here she builds floor-to-ceiling shelving based on the ladder shelf look that never seems to go out of style. The key to this project is duplication: learn the basic steps, then repeat to make a second and third set. You’ll have Mandi there to cheer you along the whole way!

Storage & Organization video

Fearless DIY

About the Series

DIY guru Mandi Gubler, the face and creative hands behind the “Vintage Revivals” blog, takes a make-no-apologies approach to styling a space. Her reason? “I believe that your house should look like you and no one else.” In Fearless DIY Mandi shares ideas to transform any living space through unique DIY wall art, furniture makeovers, lighting and more. With her can-do attitude, Mandi promises that if she can accomplish these projects, you can too! More

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