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Guest Quarters

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Guest Quarters Expecting overnight guests this holiday season? Whether friends and relatives visit once or twice a year, or on a regular basis, be it announced or unannounced, the premise is still the same: be a gracious host. Your guests should feel welcome and comfortable. This playlist offers up ideas for exactly that. From special touches for a guest room to brunch tips and tricks, this playlist will inspire you to create a home away from home for your out-of-town visitors. Watch now!




When you’re shopping for a mattress for your guest room, don’t fall into the same trap as so many others and just buy the cheapest mattress you can find. Just because a guest room isn’t used 365 days a year doesn’t mean you should skimp on quality and comfort. Trust us, a lousy mattress = a lousy sleep, and that’s not the experience you want to impart to your guests. They want a good night’s sleep as much as you do, and they deserve it. Instead, be a good host by opting for a high quality mattress from a trusted name like Serta, the number one mattress manufacturer in the US. We like the idea of a hybrid mattress like Serta’s iSeries® Hybrid Sleep System for a guest bed. It provides the benefits of a memory foam mattress with the comfort and support of a traditional innerspring. Your guests will sleep like babies!




Let’s talk fabrics for a second. If you’re decorating a guest room, or even your own bedroom, Sunbrella offers beautiful fabrics that are a smart, stylish choice for your lifestyle. You can use Sunbrella fabrics for nearly any upholstered item in your room, including the headboard, pillows, coverlet and curtains. The bedroom above features an upholstered bed in a natural color scheme with Sunbrella’s “Heritage Ashe” and “Whitman Linen.” Paired with the minimalist sailcloth coverlet, this guest room is sure to make anyone feel right at home.




We love it when a thing comes together, and the Jax Coffee Table from Four Hands literally does exactly that. This stylish number comes with three removable trays in warm, reclaimed pine. All together, these trays form the top of this incredibly useful coffee table. A sleek x-shaped base made of square, waxed-black iron pipe is equally as eye-catching. Shop the Jax Coffee Table on TDN in our “Shop” section.




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