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Fashion Forward Decor High fashion is the name of the game this week, and if you follow runway and fashion magazine trends, then this playlist won’t disappoint. This curated video collection takes a similar approach to styling your home that you would take with your wardrobe. Carefully selected pieces; coordinating colors, prints and patterns; flattering silhouettes; investment pieces. These terms come to mind when we envision what’s hanging in our closets, but they’re equally fitting to describe the furnishings we place in our homes. It only makes sense that your decor preferences mimic your taste in clothing, and this playlist takes a look at the myriad ways one influences the other. Watch the playlist now!





When we first laid eyes on fashionista Wendy Nguyen’s industrial chic loft, it was an instant case of apartment envy. The tall, exposed brick walls, royal blue tufted headboard and touches of metal here and there combine for a curated look reminiscent of Wendy’s coveted collection of designer duds. Inspired by Wendy’s eclectic tastes, we sought out this Silver Leaf Log Cocktail Table from Phillips Collection, one of the company’s most popular pieces. An artisanal sculpture, this table is cast in premium quality resin from an actual log before it’s handpainted with real silver leaf. We’ll take two, please!







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