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DIY House Call — S1:E3

A New Place in My Old Apartment



Style expert and vlogger Lindsay Albanese desperately wants to reinvent the dining room in her apartment. She calls on DIY expert Kelly Edwards to help, and Kelly has the perfect idea to transform the whole space without breaking any rental rules: a floating floor. Wielding a utility knife and a pry bar, the girls install the new floor in no time flat. Kelly also has a few surprises to complete the space. Let’s see what Lindsay thinks of the final reveal!

Dining Room Design video

DIY House Call

About the Series

Kelly Edwards is no stranger to design and home improvement. On DIY House Call Kelly teams up with several popular online celebrities not only to transform their spaces, but to teach them the ropes when it comes to working with power tools, making design decisions, and creating a space that is both functional and attractive. Watch as Kelly treats each guest to a surprise reveal showcasing their own work. More

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