Season 2, Episode 1

Reimagined Spaces



A new space may take shape with an impromptu sketch on a tablecloth at dinner, but renowned architect Mark Candelaria already has it all mapped out in his head. In “Reimagined Spaces,” Mark reconnects with a former client from California who’s set her sights on another luxury property — one that Mark originally designed and built — in Phoenix. Follow along as Mark brings the fun flavor of the beach to Arizona, creating an airy look more reminiscent of the SoCal vibe his client is used to.


About the Series

Sketch will inspire you to look at homes, gardens and furniture in an entirely new way. Renowned architect Mark Candelaria and his team at Candelaria Design Associates in Phoenix, Arizona, design some of the most spectacular residences in the world. His HQ is where the party starts, and he is famous for wining and dining his clients in order to form a more intimate working relationship. They have been known to jet off to Italy for inspiration, cook elaborate meals and take some of the most br... More

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