Season 2, Episode 2

Tidying Up the Mudroom



A tidy entryway or mudroom can be the best way to welcome people into your home. However, this workhorse has lots of ins and outs all day and night which tends to turn the space into a catchall for clutter. In this episode, Sara Lynn shares all her savvy tricks for creating a beautifully organized mudroom, perfect for a busy family and for welcoming guests.

Neat Freak

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Neat Freak is a cheeky take on home organizing that offers savvy solutions for sorting out life's messes. Armed with her trusty label-maker and an endless array of containers in every shape and size, self-proclaimed Neat Freak Sara Lynn Cauchon shares secrets for de-cluttering everything from the office to the refrigerator to the dreaded junk drawer, providing clever ideas along the way. The series features crafty DIY projects, cheap and cheerful transformations, and of course, lots of bri... More

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