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Sneak Peek: The Southern Life

The Southern Life, S1:E0 - 0:50 min

Caroline Harper Knapp, founder of the popular lifestyle blog, HOUSE of HARPER™, welcomes you into her colorful Texas home where she shares tips on how to maintain a stylish and family-friendly home...

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Rustic Mountain Elegance

Sketch, S2:E7 - 8:08 min

Architect Mark Candelaria is back with another mountain majesty in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. This stunning home exhibits a unique combination of rustic-meets-elegant. The homeowners worked closely with...

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Mountain Villa

Sketch, S2:E6 - 7:57 min

Back in breathtaking Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, architect Mark Candelaria reveals a luxurious mountain home with awe-inspiring lake views and tons of wildlife roaming the property. The homeowners landed...

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Lincoln Logs on the Lake

Sketch, S2:E5 - 10:09 min

This episode of Sketch takes us to beautiful and serene Couer D'Alene, Idaho, where life revolves around the lake. Architect Mark Candelaria takes us inside a massive log cabin he designed on the s...

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Italian Farmhouse

Sketch, S2:E4 - 7:07 min

Join architect Mark Candelaria for a home tour that reflects his 15 years of trips and travels to Italy. This 23,000-square-foot Italian farmhouse is meant to capture the true essence of an Italian...

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Artist's Villa

Sketch, S2:E3 - 7:50 min

Mark Candelaria and his team pair up to design an artist’s villa with impeccable views of both the surrounding desert landscape and the homeowner’s extensive art collection. Inspired by the golden ...

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Chateau de Scottsdale

Sketch, S2:E2 - 8:14 min

Sometimes you just have to have fun, create a dream, and go for it. That’s architect Mark Candelaria’s philosophy when it comes to design. In this episode Mark and his client are dreaming of France...

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Reimagined Spaces

Sketch, S2:E1 - 5:37 min

A new space may take shape with an impromptu sketch on a tablecloth at dinner, but renowned architect Mark Candelaria already has it all mapped out in his head. In “Reimagined Spaces,” Mark reconne...

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Musical Chairs

Space Off, S1:E11 - 8:47 min

As our Space Off teams approach the final round, the competition is heating up and the design challenges continue to get more and more interesting. In this episode, two teams in the semi-finals are...

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When in Rome

Space Off, S1:E10 - 8:25 min

We aren’t going to Rome, exactly, but our design teams are indeed going international for this particular Space Off challenge. Two teams must create a room inspired by their favorite vacation city,...

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Seaside Sanctuary

Renovating Wrightsville, S1:E3 - 9:06 min

It’s time to see what’s behind the curtain as Anne-Marie reveals the newly renovated Wrightsville Beach house. Her client asked for the vacation home of their dreams, and she nailed it. Stylish sco...

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Shopping for Seaside Chic

Renovating Wrightsville, S1:E4 - 4:43 min

After touring her client’s beach house and assessing the scope of the project, Anne-Marie Barton is ready for the fun part: shopping! This episode finds her at Furnitureland South, the largest furn...

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The Storm Before the Calm

Renovating Wrightsville, S1:E2 - 3:46 min

It’s been 6 weeks since Anne-Marie Barton laid eyes on the start of a home renovation project at Wrightsville Beach, and now she’s back on-site to kick the installation process into high gear. The ...

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Turning House into Home

Upcycled, S2:E4 - 6:06 min

In this dining and living room renovation, we see a space that’s been 8 years in the making in San Bruno, CA. The renovation itself didn’t take nearly that long, but the homeowner, Allie, spent yea...

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Setting the Scene

Renovating Wrightsville, S1:E1 - 4:48 min

Designer Anne-Marie says there’s something special about renovating a house with good bones versus building one from scratch. That’s the case in picturesque Wrightsville Beach, NC, where Anne-Marie...

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Sneak Peek: Renovating Wrighstville

Renovating Wrightsville, S1:E0 - 0:31 min

Interior designer Anne-Marie Barton packs her bags for sunny Wrightsville Beach, NC, where she’s overseeing the renovation of a classic three-story beachfront home. Her clients are eager to create ...

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Recently Renovated Victorian

Upcycled, S2:E5 - 4:17 min

Mia Malcolm describes her latest redesign project, a charming Victorian in a San Francisco suburb, as happy, young, traditional and chic. What makes the space so appealing is the balance between ma...

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Top-to-Bottom Living Room Redo

Upcycled, S2:E3 - 4:56 min

This living room project starts out as anything but typical. First, 10-year-old Finley is calling the shots. His top (and maybe only) priority? Comfort, comfort, comfort! Second, the family’s in-la...

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