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Home Enthusiast

I love looking at pictures of beautiful rooms for ideas and inspiration for my own home.


Professional Designer

I am a professional interior designer or decorator by trade.

Bright Ideas

Ask a Designer, S2:E4 - min

This episode kicks off with a Q&A about one of the most important elements of room design: lighting. Find out when it pays to make a bold statement with light, which designer uses lighting as a jum...

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Defying Convention

Ask a Designer, S2:E3 - min

It’s true! Even the pros break traditional design rules. In this episode, the designers get candid about the design commandments they disregard, and unveil the fun and unconventional ways they use ...

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Design 101

Ask a Designer, S2:E2 - min

This episode is all about the essentials! Our design panel unveils the materials they can’t live without, the color palettes they gravitate towards, and the trends they see sticking around for the ...

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Staying Power

Ask a Designer, S2:E1 - min

Ever wondered how top interior designers cultivate their sense of style? The first episode of season two is a peek into the style arsenal of some of the country’s top interior designers. Watch as o...

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Ask a Designer: Season 2 Sneak P...

Ask a Designer, S2:E0 - min

You’ve got questions, they’ve got answers. Ask a Designer gets candid with some of the biggest names in interior design and no topic is off limits. In season 2, watch as industry vets like Drew McG...

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Sneak Peek: Behind the Bling

Southern Glam, S1:E0 - 0:26 min

Interior designer Shayla Copas is best known for her ability to woo--and wow!--clients with her signature style: the spot on the design spectrum where Old Hollywood Glamour and timeless southern tr...

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Design Star-Studded Midcentury S...

Mid Mod Then & Now, S1:E5 - 7:16 min

In the final episode of Mid Mod, Kelli and Christopher continue their tour of the Christopher Kennedy compound, stopping to admire standouts of sixties design, including a chair silhouette that's e...

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Design Star-Studded Midcentury S...

Mid Mod Then & Now, S1:E4 - 7:53 min

Over in Palm Springs' Indian Canyons neighborhood, Kelli and Christopher are visiting a true showpiece of modernist design -- and a home they both know well. The space was formerly the site of The ...

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A Music Man's Sixties Glam, Part 2

Mid Mod Then & Now, S1:E3 - 7:09 min

Back in Las Palmas, Kelli and Christopher continue their tour of the Liberace mansion, where they're exploring some of the era's driving design mindsets: a love of entertaining and a newfound commi...

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A Music Man's Sixties Glam

Mid Mod Then & Now, S1:E2 - 7:38 min

Kelli and Christopher head to the swanky Old Las Palmas neighborhood to tour a home that pushes the boundaries of midcentury design with its over-the-top style ... a look that makes perfect sense w...

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An A-lister's Bright Lights, Bol...

Mid Mod Then & Now, S1:E1 - 6:50 min

The first stop for hosts Kelli and Christopher's Palm Springs design tour? The home of famed actor and Dragnet star Jack Webb, who used the spot as an escape from the hustle & bustle of Hollywood. ...

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The Fretwork Report

The Furniture Geek, S1:E6 - 6:46 min

If good design is in the details, then fretwork is a must-have in any space. So what exactly is fretwork? For all you non- furniture geeks out there, it's a technique that creates cut-out designs i...

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The Origins of Ottomania

The Furniture Geek, S1:E5 - 6:03 min

What does a popular piece of furniture have to do with one of the most formidable empires in history? Find out on The Furniture Geek as the all-knowing Jason Oliver Nixon shares the origins of the ...

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The Story of Shagreen

The Furniture Geek, S1:E4 - 6:13 min

The term of the day? Shagreen. Historically made from the skin of a shark or stingray, this glam hide (now often found in faux) is a chic choice for a sophisticated space. But did you know that its...

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The Cocktail Table Tales

The Furniture Geek, S1:E3 - 6:56 min

Design expert Jason Oliver Nixon is tackling the age-old questions: Which came first, the cocktail table or the coffee table? And is there really a difference? Grab your beverage of choice and watc...

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The Color Chronicles

The Furniture Geek, S1:E2 - 7:26 min

On this episode of The Furniture Geek, designer Jason Oliver Nixon is invoking the words of the famous Dorothy Draper: "Banish the beige," and offering an expert lesson in living with color. Watch ...

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The Farmhouse Table Fables

The Furniture Geek, S1:E1 - 6:00 min

There’s no bigger trend in interior design right now than the farmhouse look -- but this of-the-moment style is pulled straight from the American history books. In the first episode of The Furnitur...

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Mid Mod Then & Now: Behind the D...

Mid Mod Then & Now, S1:E0 - 0:31 min

Palm Springs is known as a hotbed of midcentury design -- and many of its most iconic homes are still intact -- sixties glamour and all. In Mid-Mod, step back in time with midcentury design guru Ch...

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