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Home Enthusiast

I love looking at pictures of beautiful rooms for ideas and inspiration for my own home.


Professional Designer

I am a professional interior designer or decorator by trade.

Garage Clean Out

Neat Freak, S2:E4 - min

Cleaning out the garage might not be the most glamorous home project, but getting this space organized is essential for a busy household. This high traffic area often gets disheveled quickly housin...

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The Neat Nursery

Neat Freak, S2:E3 - min

The nursery can quickly go from calm to chaotic. At this early stage, it’s all about a balance of keeping things organized with the essentials for baby at hand and creating a comfy and cozy space f...

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Tidying Up the Mudroom

Neat Freak, S2:E2 - min

A tidy entryway or mudroom can be the best way to welcome people into your home. However, this workhorse has lots of ins and outs all day and night which tends to turn the space into a catchall for...

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The Organized Pantry

Neat Freak, S2:E5 - min

The pantry is notoriously one of the messiest places in the house. Our secret for keeping our kitchens clutter free is often tucking everything behind closed doors in the panty -- and those boxes, ...

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Freshening Up the Bathroom

Neat Freak, S2:E1 - min

The bathroom can be one of the trickiest rooms in the house to keep organized. Often this room’s limited space and storage must stand up to several different functions… and a whole lot of stuff! In...

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Cape Cod Paradise

Backyard Staycation, S1:E5 - min

Virginia based event planner, Ashley Fish needs Bryan and Kevin Ramsey’s help designing an outdoor space for an engagement party inspired by Cape Cod’s classic elegance. Can this hands-on planner r...

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Rocky Mountain Retreat

Backyard Staycation, S1:E4 - min

Ashley and Derrick want to surprise their parents with a patio makeover reminiscent of their Rocky Mountains honeymoon. Bryan and Kevin have their work cut out for them overhauling a cluttered and ...

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Caribbean Seaside Sanctuary

Backyard Staycation, S1:E3 - min

Leah is a brand-new homeowner in Chesapeake, VA who has found her ideal waterfront location but is struggling with the outdated backyard space. Leah wants to steer clear of traditional seaside naut...

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South American Oasis

Backyard Staycation, S1:E2 - min

Melissa is a radio DJ in Richmond, Virginia well known for her vibrant personality, however, when it comes to hosting and entertaining in her own backyard, her bland terrace is not hitting the mark...

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Modern Miami Escape

Backyard Staycation, S1:E1 - min

Mike and Jean have transitioned over the years from a traditionally styled family home to minimalist modern living. Inspired by the sleek lines and vibrant colors they’ve been drawn to on Miami vac...

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Netta's Family Time Redesign

Welcome Home Angel, S1:E1 - min

Netta is a strong and beautiful young girl with cerebral palsy who has recently learned to walk. She loves spending time with her parents Matt and Annetta spinning on her swing in her playroom and ...

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Mirrored Furniture's Finest

Pinned & Popular, S1:E7 - min

With today’s diverse application of mirrored materials, there’s a piece for every space, no matter the style. Christy Parker is sharing the mirrored collection you are favoring to create brighter s...

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Modern Rustic Must-Haves

Pinned & Popular, S1:E6 - min

The timeless well-traveled look of Modern Rustic design is an interior trend you are raving about. In this episode, Nicole Andrews delivers the popular pieces that achieve comfortable contemporary ...

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Top Level Tufted

Pinned & Popular, S1:E5 - min

Tufted furniture is a tailored trend that has stood the test of time. You are pairing today’s diverse tufting types with a range of styles to create spaces you love. No need to search and filter th...

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Most Loved Mixed Metal

Pinned & Popular, S1:E4 - min

You’ve ended the debate between cool and warm finishes once and for all -- and the winner is… both! In this episode, Brittany Morris illustrates how to master the art of mixing with insider insight...

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Farmhouse Favorites

Pinned & Popular, S1:E3 - min

Antique-inspired shapes, wide planked wood, distressed painted finishes -- these home decor details are speaking your farmhouse-loving language. What’s not to love about a style rooted in simplicit...

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Chart-Topping Chandeliers

Pinned & Popular, S1:E2 - min

Have your sights set on statement lighting that goes far beyond the dining room? Chandeliers are popping up in living rooms, bedrooms, and even bathrooms. Follow along as Design Consultant Christy ...

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Coveted Cocktail Tables

Pinned & Popular, S1:E1 - min

How do you shortlist cocktail and coffee table choices when the shapes and sizes are endless? Interior industry expert Brittany Morris has you covered in this episode of Pinned & Popular, serving u...

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