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Home Enthusiast

I love looking at pictures of beautiful rooms for ideas and inspiration for my own home.


Professional Designer

I am a professional interior designer or decorator by trade.


Theresa Ceglio

Stage Me Classy • Jacksonville, FL

About Theresa

My name is Theresa Ceglio, I have been married for 28 years. I have 2 amazing sons, Jesse and Christian. My background in design came much later in life and it is one of my biggest regrets that I have. I am actually new to the staging industry this year and I feel very blessed to have connected with some very talented designers such as Claire Jefford of Interior Design Business Strategies. She inspires me daily and because of what I see her doing, it makes me want to go back to school for my Interior Design Degree. Projects I like to work on are vacant staging, occupied staging and redesign. My newest to date will be a complete makeover in my own home, which I am very excited about spearheading. Thank you for the opportunity and looking forward to working with The Design Network.

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  • Residential
  • Outdoor
  • Remodel
  • Staging

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