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Home Enthusiast

I love looking at pictures of beautiful rooms for ideas and inspiration for my own home.


Professional Designer

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Megan Morrow

Proper Maggie Interiors • Liberty, NC

About Megan

My name is Megan, hi! I am a self-professed “maker at heart”!  As a child, I played with Barbie dolls and was always more concerned with how their Barbie dream home looked than the Barbie itself...seriously? Yes, I know. This carried with me throughout my entire life. From being 8 years old and helping my grandmother pick out her new floors to being 25 and remodeling my own home. I started my college career not knowing exactly what to do in life, after all designing was just a hobby of mine, so I decided to be a teacher. After graduating, I found that I was more focused on how my classroom looked than the actual teaching and it just clicked, I was meant to go into the interior design field (duh). I have now turned my dreams into reality and help clients just like you create spaces they don't just live in, but love to live in! 

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  • Residential
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  • Remodel
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