Jamie Clugston

Red Bear Square • Vacaville, CA

About Jamie

I've found my home walking the line between design and art. One of my biggest joys as a designer is sharing my love of color and artistic design with people who have larger than life expectations for their spaces. My personal design style is organic, whimsical, and eclectic. I'm a fan of bold colors, a variety or patterns and textures, and plenty of cozy nooks to snuggle into (preferably with a four-legged pal.) I strongly believe that your home is your oasis- it's important that it reflect the things you love, not what the popular opinion deems are "in" this year. I am passionate about sustainability and creating clean and healthy living spaces. I am currently working towards becoming LEED certified, so I can better provide clients with the resources they need to create a sustainable living space for their families to thrive in.

Available For

  • Residential
  • Outdoor
  • Staging

Specialty Styles

  • Eclectic
  • Coastal
  • Glam
  • Global

Featured Work