Vicki Zajac

Zajac Interiors, LLC • Longwood, FL

Design Coached Client

Being a Design Coached Client means you get my expertise with space planning, and then I work with the client to help select the appropriate furniture, area rugs, art work, accessories, and other items. All the meetings are held at the client's house or my office, we work together to create a design the client can purchase and install themselves, and have my professional guidance so it all turns out amazingly! Back Story This client had just purchases a new home and was moving from a small 3 bedroom to a very large 5 bedroom home. They needed all new furniture, paint, accessories, and more. There was a big party coming up so there was a tight deadline to get the house looking like a home. And because there was so much furniture to purchase we had to mind the budget very carefully. I am always happy to do that! The client had a great sense of the style they were hoping to achieve, and the color schemes so the process of narrowing down what to purchase went smoothly. In addition, the client really loved doing research on products once I gave them direction and some education on what to look for. Every visit I came back, the client had made progress on purchasing items and on the final visit we were able to accessorize the built-ins, hang art work, and the house became a home. A short time after the final installation, the party went off beautifully, and my clients tell me that they still walk around the house and feel like it's amazing, finished, beautiful, and they are so happy and proud of the transition we were able to bring about by working together.